Plywood type waterproof
Format (mm) 2500 x 1250
Thickness (mm) 9 – 45
Wood type Birch, alder
Apparent density (kg/m³) 600 – 750
Foil granulation (g/m²) 120
Film colour  white, yellow, grey, green, blue, red, black
Bending strength (MPa) along the fibres 60 – 80
across the fibres 40 – 50
Moisture (%) 5 – 12

Plywood with melamine/phenolic film is the waterproof, softwood wood-based board, on which under  effect of high pressure and temperature one bilaterally presses into the impregnating paper, saturated with melamine or phenolic resin. Resin liquefied in this way penetrates into base panel, which in result leads to making of Surface with new properties: increasing waterproof resistance of plywood and resistance to mechanic damages, and first of all, it influences the esthetic values of final product.

Plywood with melamine/phenolic film has wide range of application:
 –in furniture industry as the elements of furniture,
-equipment of fair stands,
– equipment of interiors,
– in production of toys,
– playgrounds for children,
– decorative packings, cardboards or boxes,
–  in automobile industry,
– in boatbuilding industry
– also used in sport equipment.

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