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Plywood type with stone veneer
Wood type  pine, alder, birch, beech
Dimensions (mm) 2400 x 1200;  1200 x 600
Thickness (mm) 10 – 30
Density (kg/m³)  500 – 800
Veneer thickness [mm]  1,5 – 4
Bending strength (MPa) along the fibres 30 – 60
across the fibres 30 – 60
Moisture [%] 5 – 12

The veneer stone coated plywood is made of pine wood or hardwood, with the use of dry durable glue or waterproof glue and stone veneer. Stone surface should be impregnated with special agents for the stone impregnation.

The veneer stone coated plywood is a specialist product. It is an excellent decorative material – it changes the look of any room. It can be successfully used as a decorative plate, among others, in the kitchen.

Thanks to the natural texture of stone, each sheet of the finished product has a unique pattern. There are no contraindications for surface finishing with lacquers for parquet. The product may be also drilled, milled, or cut into smaller elements.


  • elements of the furniture, walls and doors decorating
  • furniture front panels
  • arranging of the interiors finishing
  • aquaria, terraria

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