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Plywood type birch-alder, dry durable
Quality class II/II, or the others to be agreed
Sizes (mm) 2500×1250, 1250 x 250 or the others to be agreed
Thickness (mm) 4 – 24
Specific density (kg/m³) approx. 720
Bending strength (MPa) along the fibres 70 – 80
across the fibres 35 – 45

The birch-alder plywood is the panel glued from uneven number of veneers, the fibres of which in adjacent layers are crossing at a right angle.

Laser plywood is characterized by all the full layers, i. e. losses inside plywood are supplemented  by natural wood inserts.

There is a possibility refining of plywood, for example, with colourless varnish. More information in the sales department.
Hardwood plywood is made in accordance with applicable standards and has the required certificates.


  • punches,
  • cutting with laser,
  • dies for printing,
  • high quality furniture.

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