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Plywood type dry durable or waterproof
Glue urea or  melamine,
Moisture (%) 5 – 12
Apparent density (kg/m³) alder – ca. 580, birch – ca. 720
Bending strength (MPa) along the fibres alder 40 – 50, birch 70 – 80
across the fibres alder 25 – 35, birch 35 – 45

lisc11   lisc12

Softwood  Plywood  I

Features of the wood: On the surface of  face veneers can occur slight colour differentiation, sound knots, bright knots, completely fused or small knots partially fused. There can occur open cracks in very small quantity, if their filling is  proper.

Production effects: There can occur narrow cracks seasoned with putty and inserts  made from wood of similar colour, according to the norm PN-EN 635-2.

lisc21   lisc22

Softwood  Plywood  II

Features of the wood:  There can occur needle knots in a limited number, sound joined knots, spoiled and unfused knots. Closed cracks and sporadically open cracks can occur. Larval passages and bark beetle (Hylastes) can occur in small quantity.

Production effects: On a part of surface can occur sporadically open joints, glue breakthrough, roughness and unpolished places. One allows the limited amount of repair – patches, wedges, synthetic filling, if they are made tight. Accordance with the norm PN-EN 635-2.

lisc31   lisc32

Features of the wood:

On surface of veneers can occur in unlimited range such defects as: smudges and stains, blemishes, core spots, small and large sound knots, knot holes. On the other hand, range of defects occurrence is limited: rotten and unfused knots, open cracks, bark beetle (Hylastes), defects caused by insects.

Production effects: On the plywood surface can occur roughness and overgrinding. The following are permissible: cracks and knot holes seasoned with putty or inserts, visible external and internal overlays. There can occur glue breakthrough and inclusions of foreign bodies, with the exception of iron. Damage to the board edges of up to 5 mm
from its edge, while repairs can occur without restrictions. Unlimited number of inserts.

lisc41   lisc42

All the wood and production defects which do not have significant effect on the plywood strength properties are  permissible. Good gluing of all the plywood layers is required.

The plywood in class IV is not ground and defects are unrepairable.


The alder-birch plywood is the board glued from uneven number of veneers, whose fibres in layers adjacent to each other run under a right angle. Upon the client’s request we can apply a different construction, e. g. all the layers running parallel to each other, owing to that we obtain greater bending strength.
We produce plywood in versions:

– standard – combi plywood (alder or birch veneers, internal layers – any type of wood)
– of special design – of special design and quality of internal layers (e. g. birch plywood in full cross section, or full internal layers (for milling) etc.)

Upon a special order, we can machine or refine the plywood. More information in the section: Machining.

Softwood plywood is made according to the obligatory norms and provided with the required certificates.

Due to its properties the alder-birch plywood is applied in many branches.

Among others in the:

– upholstered furniture (elements of construction are invisible, half visible, visible)
– prefab/skeleton furniture, box-packed furniture (rear walls, side walls, front panels,
shelves, drawers, school furniture, benches, chairs, stools, etc.)

– wood gallantry (flower shelves, shelves, racks, carpentry tables, workbenches, tables for sewing machines, drawing boards, feeders, cages, etc.)
– building woodwork (external and internal doors, shutters, doorframes, windowsills
and others)
– musical instruments
– stairs, stair risers

– passenger transport, cargo and railway transport, tramways, campings (e. g. panelling of walls, ceilings, floors, decorative elements)
– on the ships, sailboats (e. g. panelling of walls, ceilings, floors, decorative elements)

– partition walls, base under the roof covering, building of attics, panelling and others;
– carrier for wood flooring/parquets in sports halls.

– boxes for cigars and wines
– chess, checkers
– reusable boxes
– coffins
– disposable packings

– shelves for metal racks
– technological platforms, machine parts
– bowling rooms, billiards, slides for roller skates
– rehabilitation exercise equipment
– theatre stages, elements of theatre shows scenery and others.

Sizes (mm) 2500 x 1250, 1250 x 2500
Birch, dry durable plywood 1525 x 1525
Thickness (mm) 4 5 6 7 (6,5) 8 9 10 12 15 18 21 24
Number of layers 3 3 5 5 5 5/7 7 7/9 9/11 11/13 13/15 15/17
Packing (pcs/pack)
It does not apply to size 1525x1525mm
small 50 40 34 34 25 22 20 16 14 12 12 6
medium 100 80 68 68 50 44 40 33 27 22 18 18
large 200 160 132 132 100 84 72 66 48 42 36 30

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