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Plywood type Waterproof, veneered with phenolic film
Sizes (mm) 2130 x 1250, 2500 x 1250, 3000 x 1500
Thickness (mm) 4 – 35
Wood type Poplar, Birch, “Twin”
Apparent density (kg/m³) 500 – 750
Foil granulation (g/m²) 120 – 440
Film colour Standard – brown, the remaining colours upon the order
Bending strength (MPa) along the fibres 50 – 100
across the fibres 30 – 60
Moisture (%) 5 – 12

Shuttering plywood is a wood-based layer plate, glued with high quality phenolic adhesives, made up of an odd number of veneer sheets. A particular advantage of plywood formwork, which distinguishes it from the other wood-based products, is its exceptionally high resistance to bending, which allows for flexibility in the spacing of girders and supports in the formwork. When this feature is added to a plate surface coating with phenol film, which allows to increase the number of multiple ratios (multiple use of the same material) and smoothness of the resulting surface, we obtain the product for several times of use not only on one, but at a few construction sites.

For multiple-use shutterings (shuttering moulds):

  • in general building, industrial building, detached housing
  • in road and bridge construction
    • for performing of reinforced concrete structures
    • for performing of specialist packings

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