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Plywood type pine, profiled
Surface type grooved, polished or structured
Thickness (mm) 6,5 – 18mm
Format (mm)
Other sizes – information in the
Commercial Department
2500 x 1250,
Quality class I/IV or  II/IV
Milling of
groove width 10
groove depth 3 – 5
scale 100
Density  (kg/m³) 550 – 600
along the fibres 40 – 50
across the fibres 30 – 45

One of the items in our offer is profiled plywood.

How is it made?

The profiled plywood is made in grooves milling process. The plywood is sanded or brushed beforehand.  The grooves give the wood paneling effect and make it possible to join adjacent sheets.

Raw plates have to be protected with fungicides/lacquer/wax based on the application. As a result we receive higher resistance to weather conditions. The plywood isn’t prone to deformation and keeps suitable thermo- and sound properties.

The plywood mustn’t be applied in the humidity over 70%. It mustn’t be exposed to rain/snow/sunlight.


Due to the fact that profiled plywood may appear in different forms, it can have a great variety of application. It can be applied as facade soffit plywood, decorative elements on the walls, ceilings and roofed terraces which are not exposed to atmospheric conditions such as rain, snow, sunlight.

The profiled plywood panels can be applied to production of furniture and interior design elements, decorative fences, planters.


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