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Plywood type waterproof
Quality class I, II, III
Apparent density (kg/m³) approx. 700
Sizes(mm) 1270 x 1270, 1220 x 1220, 1500 x 1500, 1525 x 1525, 1550 x 1550
Thickness (mm) 0,4 – 10

Aviation plywood is a waterproof wood-based panel featuring with high quality, high strength and stability at a relatively low specific weight. The precision of its making is illustrated by the fact that the smallest thickness is even 0.4 mm with a three-layer construction.

Moreover, aviation/modelling  plywood is featured with uniform colour; bright, smooth surface, easy for processing and finishing, and has low susceptibility to deformations. The phenolic resin used in the production of aviation plywood is resistant to cold and hot water (Test V100) and weather conditions.


  • airplane models,
  • toys,
  • souvenirs and ornaments,
  • postcards,
  • musical instruments,
  • luxury gift wrappings

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