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Type dry durable, beech and birch
Surface resin-coated
veneered with decorative paper
Thickness (mm) 8 – 15
Length (mm) 400 – 1650
Width (mm) 38 – 140
Bending radius (mm) 4000
Apparent density (kg/m³) 700 – 800
Bending strength along the fibres (MPa) 80 – 100

Colour of decorative paper is agreed with the client.

We offer spring-type strips / slats, lacquered and covered with decorative paper.

They are made from beech or birch wood.

We offer both curved and straight strips.

Slats having a high bending strength, due to the special structure, in which most of the layers (flat slats) or all the layers (curved strips) having a parallel arrangement of veneer fibres, form the construction of the slats.

The slats are produced in accordance with the Polish Norm and have the required certificates.

Furniture industry – upholstered furniture (armchairs, sofas, beds, couches), rehabilitation beds, bed mattress supports.

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