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Plywood type waterproof – phenolic
Quality class II/III
Moisture (%) 7 – 12
Apparent density (kg/m³) 600 – 700
Bending strength (MPa) along the fibres 50 – 100
across the fibres 30 – 60
Format (mm x mm) 2440 x 1220
Thickness (mm) 3,6 – 22

The Meranti waterproof plywood (botanic name of wood: Meranti – Shorea Pauciflorea), is the board glued from uneven number of veneers, the fibres of which in the adjacent layers run at the right angle.
The meranti tree, out of which this plywood is produced is the exotic species grown in the tropic rainforests of Indonesia, of interesting colour (mahogany). This well-known and popular in Europe for several decades wood species, becomes more and more  popular in the Polish market.
The aesthetic values, unrepeatable texture and colour, in combination with easy machining and refining of surface, encourage consumers to use this species in the immediate vicinity of man.

Because of its properties the Meranti plywood is used in many branches, among others, for:

  • producing of furniture
  • producing of boxes, cardboards
  • producing of blackboards
  • building of boats and yachts
  • interior and external woodwork (doors, windowsills, …)
  • finishing of the interiors

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