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Type dry durable, beech and birch
Surface raw
oil-  or  wax-covered
Quality class  I/II, III/III
Thickness (mm) 19 – 25
Length (mm) 550 – 2180
Width (mm) 39 – 70
Moisture (%) 5 – 12
Apparent density (kg / m³) 700 – 800
Bending strength
along the fibres
90 – 110

Side plywood slats/strips are made of hardwood high quality plywood, which has a special structure.

The jars of inner veneers run parallel to the longer edge and two or four transverse stabilizing layers are used.

This structure makes that the strip has much greater bending strength than the cross-glued slats.

The inner layers contain a limited number of holes and diameter from the knots, which increase the strength of the product and simultaneously improves aesthetics.

Strips can have sharp edges, beveled at 45°, or rounded.

The main applications for the side slats is the production of upholstery frames for mattresses.

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